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Mail Art Project

Entitled “Stars move leaving dust and sound behind them” the mail art will be available for viewing in two central bookstores in Patras and Athens and possibly other cities in Greece too. The works of art exhibited will change once or twice a week, as new pieces of art arrive. This will be followed by a combined exhibition of all entries with a venue and date yet to be announced.

The Oval Language is represented with 2 entries. The first part (above) is a collage by Klaus-Peter John. The second part is a collaboration between Klaus-Peter John and Heiko. Sounds where recorded in Leipzig (Germany) and sampled in Ballinderry (Northern Ireland). The resulting short track is titled "The dust hasn't settled yet" (cover below).

For more info and to few other exhibits click here.





On Friday October 20th 2017 films will be shown by Peter Schüler. Among others a film of a performance by The Oval Language with Tadashi Endo at the Festival "Übergriff" at Werk II, Leipzig.

This is part 2 of a multimedia project oy artists from Hannover (Helmut Hennig, Magda Jarzabek, Hanno Kübler, Christiane Oppermann, Harro Schmidt, Rüdiger Stanko, Uwe Stelter) and Leipzig (Marek Brandt, Carsten Busse, Franziska Anna Faust, Anita Kriebel, Jürgen Meier, Norbert Meissner, Jens Pfuhler). Galery "bipolar" at the MONOPOL Leipzig, Haferkornstraße 15, 04129 Leipzig. Vernissage: Fri October 29th 2017, 7pm.

Further Information here.





Miniatures on the subject "allesistmiteinanderverbunden" (everything is connected with one another) on Saturday October 14th 2017 at 5pm, Döben-Schlucht.



Charitable Art Auction

'Das Tapetenwerk' is sharing: together with the Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Leipzig e.V., 'Das Tapetenwerk' holds an auction evening to support with the auction proceeds the successful project work of the association. The photo above by Klaus-Peter John was donated for this occasion.

November 17th 2017 from 5pm, Auction starts at 7pm.
Lützener Straße 91, Leipzig.



Vinyl Release

After over 25 years: Hibernation - the Album. Installation by Klaus-Peter John, performance "FFNL" by DUO RAMA (Frank Rassbach, Frank Maibier).
On Thursday, November 30th 2017 from 8pm till ... at the Kulturny Dom / Salon Similde, Simildenstraße 9, Leipzig.

Event here.



New CD

A. R. Penck Memorial

Recording of a Live Performance on
June 1st 2017, Spinnereistraße,
Halle 14, Leipzig



In Memory of Peter Schüler

To Peter Schüler, friend and fellow collaborator, who died on June 7th 2017.



New CD

2016 with Kommissar Hjuler und Frau




D.Y.A. - Do Your Art

Thursday February 23rd 2017, 8pm Kulturny-Dom-Lipsk-Salon-Similde.

One year, fifty events.




Zeit ist eine Idee

January 12th 2017, 8pm, Kulturny Dom Lopsk/Salon Similde, Simildenstraße 9, Leipzig

Performance (Klaus-Peter John) and Exhibition with Heiko S. (Belfast)



Concert in Hamburg

September 17th 2016, Rauschmelder Festival




18th 24 Hour Exhibition

Saturday September 10th 12am to Sunday September 11th 2016, 12am, RAUM 38, Prießnitzstraße 38, Leipzig-Leutzsch



Concert on July 29th 2016 in Munich

Sommerwerkstatt EXPERIMENTELLE MUSIK (July 24th, 19:30 - July 30th, 24:00 2016), PHREN-Räume, Schraudolphstr. 38 in the Yard, Munich



Book premiere on June 4th 2016 in Lepzig


The word-object "Scheitel", with text and photos by Klaus-Peter John.




2016 – „24.4. 2016“ with Hans Essel, Anna Schimkat & Michael Barthel and The Oval Language



Concert on April 7th 2016 in Weltecho/voxx Chemnitz

Galeriekonzert: The Oval Language vs. Michael Barthel, 8pm



cassette, 20 minutes

8 pieces for voice, recorded in 2012. Cover design and artwork by Michael Barthel.

Limited edition of 30, numbered by Klaus-Peter John.

More info here.



the Oval Language: Works – 1987 to 1997

Video released 1997 by The Oval Language is now on YouTube.



Hommage to Carlfriedrich claus

A CD by RLW / THE OVAL LANGUAGE / DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE. This is a limited edition of 300. Full coloured artwork based on an original drawing by Guido Huebner (dsm).

Published by Scrotum Records.




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